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Work With Grants Public Strategy Call Seg 3: Recorded 08/15/2023

WWG is excited to bring the With Grants Public Strategy Call each week to engage your activities and support your measures to complete programs that work to access your goals.

Scheduling time to review what’s important to you helps focus stay in view by looking back on the areas you’ve found consistency in. Using your habits and focus on the ways you want to grow help you know ways are you activated the most and how that will bring you closer to the space of resourcefulness and measured success. Reflect on habits that are being displayed and if it’s your intent. Think of items that are realized to you, to change, to improve, to discontinue. When you reflect upon the activities you do, learn what’s becoming a benefit too! So, capture what’s important to you and ways you work to get that to come true.

Is that what you prove?

How you’ve worked can allow space for adjustments where concerns are seen. Reach out to professionals to access resources that support your healthy habits. Sometimes we can get overwhelmed when we take on too much, but utilizing our resources puts you in practice of activating your support systems.

How good are you at activating change? Share feedback in the WWG Community.

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