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To the Whole Community

Gain insights and grow projects that close gaps on goals and tasks that communities effectively manage.  WWG consults and coordinates business resources to activate and capture measures that support the development of its members through to the next levels and process of accessing opportunities.

*Agency Membership/Organization members support WWG Community membership and the development of WWG programs.

  • WWG Community Member

    Must complete min of 2 WWG activities per month; Be at least 18yrs+
    Valid for 3 months
    • WWG Community Blogs
    • WWG Community conversations and information
    • WWG Programs
    • WWG Resources, checklists and templates
  • WWG Influencer / Leader

    Every month
    • Schedule a campaign to connect with your market
    • Access Resource Programs
    • Join Projects
  • WWG Agency/Organization

    Every month
    • Consultations on projects
    • Team building and Partnership programs
    • Consultations and access to comprehensive project planning
    • Partnership Prospecting and Affiliate programs
  • 3 Session Pack

    Track your brand's progress with 3 brand analysis sessions.
    Valid for 3 months
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