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Work With Grants & Create More Spaces for Conversation in Grants

Work With Grants Inc has great plans for grants and we're working everyday

to open space with style and grace and show you more ways to play.

Connecting to partners, supporting projects, sharing solutions being a resource to progress and encouraging each other in our community,

to explore more in opportunities to be all that you can be.

Because it makes a huge difference to a community that works with grants.

Start conversation, ask purposeful questions, seek the rules for regulations.

Know how you want to grow and learn the best ways to let that show.

Gain support from your community and share success and access to progress.

Work With Grants is opening spaces to have conversations.

We invite state regulators and grants makers to initiate ways to share access

and WWG will do our best to help you with the rest.

And check out the call for more programs for all (see more through the link to the report)

Join in the community to put your solutions in service today!

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