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Why Maryland State Agencies Connect to Work With Grants Inc. (WWG)

Grant Developments

Connect to trends and updates in grant management, application development, reports and feedback on partnership progress. Communicate with other regulatory agencies to share success and suggestions on programs. Stay connected to the WWG Community to provide answers to concerns and access community trends.

Grant Programs

Connect agency team members to information on grant management development programs, federal and foundation programs and partnership opportunities. Create and promote programs for internal and external communities.

Grant Activity

Promote agency programs and share activities and events for your solutions. Share award progress and best practice tips for applicants that seek your agency as a resource in grants and partnership opportunities.

Grant With Ease

Easy monthly billing options for WWG Agency Membership support services.

Grant Access

Your support of WWG programs advances access to the entire Maryland area to programs in prevention, preparedness, development and experience which aims to support positive economic and innovative growth within communities that demonstrate participation and practice their interests toward being a resource that works with grants.

See how your resources work for you and realign them with your goals in grants.

Connect to a Community Coordinator to schedule consultation time, and projects that work with grants.

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