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The Intelligence of Information

Data can be a great way to share information, but it's not a language that everyone speaks, so turning data into areas and items of interest is what the WWG Team works when it comes to grants. Understanding data in grants helps identify areas of concern and turn the data that we capture into solutions that are relevant to our audience that seeks; and inviting to those who may want to take a peek.

Discovering the gift in grants isn't hard to understand, but what we find in many open communities is that preparing to access the gifts are often left elusive and viewed as somewhat reserved for those who have knowledge or practice with this type of tool. Well, we think grants and gifts are something that the community uses daily, but often not realizing the way or the process that's being applied. Bringing awareness to the things that we do, and applying them to grants, partnerships and communications to share the intelligent information that is gained from Work With Grants Inc. We take time to understand those we support while working to make them better. We then turn to the community and make the intelligence work together.

Are the right folks accessing the information?

In recent news, questions have arisen within organizations about who has access to information that how data accessibility can be detrimental to the goals of the organization. How often are data checks completed to remove former individuals from all areas of operation if they were to move to another project or program?

Are your teams briefed on how to handle sensitive details and descriptions in open areas? How often does Mrs. Smith's information get out and around the community while the very organization holding confidential information is responsible for its release?

How would you feel to know a discussion on clients' sensitive issues are occurring in open spaces, with no resolve being considered? The sharing of confidential information without specifics could still pose a problem if conversations disclose generous details which reveal and individuals' circumstances; and often leaks are found within the walls of the secure offices charged with protecting its confidentiality.

The desire to share what others don't know.

It's a part of exclusivity and a treat to know what someone else doesn't, but when those details are leaked in public and the leak is revealed from your department, often times a spotlight on training programs are emphasized, but are you using the same resources you used, which still guided leaks out the door? Are you staying update to the needs of your workforce and the secrets that they hold and store? How often do you brief your teams on how to handle sensitive information in and out of the office environment? Activity in secret can greatly affect operations. Would you just sweep it under a 'rug' and hope it goes away?

Read more about practice in partnership.

What are your expectations of your workforce during a time of crisis? Get your teams prepared in grants and develop a team that is a resource to the entire community.

Join the WWG Community and share your thoughts and feedback.

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