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Start the Year Off Right with Claiming Unclaimed Benefits

Updated: Jan 11

For those who are tracking themselves and making progressive choices, know where your assets are being accounted for and activated for growth in 2024.  Position yourself to turn a spark into larger opportunities.  If you are tracking your goals for 2024, start off with knowing where and how to access missing funds owed to you.  Chances are you may have your funds accounted for, but finding out that you have property being held from the federal, state and local governments can be a way to spark your journey to raising your value and working smarter in 2024.   

Knowing where you are paying attention puts you a step closer to getting goals focused into accomplishments and allows you to free up time to plan next actions to take to stay on track and get goals complete.  It also places you in position to be an asset to those around you.  Knowing your own accountability efforts tend to boost confidence in sharing with others and places you as an example of how others can access their potential through your support.   Finding money for yourself means you may know the process and have accounted for it, and now you may be ready to help others activate their benefits for growth too! 

Find Support. 

Find support through your state and local agencies.  Many states support applications online with the appropriate and valid documentation to support ownership claims and can access their property through no cost applications.  For those that need support to get the appropriate documentation seek appropriate guidance on understanding the forms required.  Professional support may be encouraged when processes become detailed and more technical to complete.  When connecting with professionals to support your investigative needs, be sure to understand the charges you are paying for and what you're expecting in return.  Avoid Scams and share your story in the WWG Community.  

Start tracking your year in transaction for 2024.  Download the 2024 Personal Transaction Tracker and know the values you pay attention to by the end of this year.

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