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Part of Participation is Identification

Knowing who you are, helps know where to start. Participate in activities and surveys that assists in identifying what motivates you. Share your feedback with WWG and invite your friends to join in on identifying ways you all learn and work together.

When you share with a community who seeks opportunities, you share the discoveries you have within. After identifying your concerns, habits, and interests moving on to ways to activate each can be a goal toward development and growth.

WWG brings resources to the community to assist in understanding the best ways they work, and spaces to vision growth through understanding interests and activating them toward growth in experience and efforts. Engaging in activities that breathe space for growth in areas of interests allows practice to turn into consistencies toward success. Share information with your community about what you discover about yourself and see how growth can turn your steps into resourceful success.

How you share the resource you are can determine the success you'll have when sharing your services and resources with others. Not feeling supported while supporting others is a byproduct of not using the proper resources to promote and manage those that seek and need your services. Each individual in the community has their own talents and abilities to bring a difference in the lives of others and have an impact on community. Work with grants to understand the process and ways to grow, share and capture the growth that you want, need and deserve.

Our communities deserve a company and corporate partners that work to benefit the needs and growth of the communities they're in. Work With Grants Inc. (WWG) is growing and preparing programs to guide gifts and talents through the process of seeking, investigating and capturing opportunities that make a difference to our communities. Our spaces are presented for you to share your growth, experience and gain feedback and understanding more about you and the markets we're in.

Schedule a consult with WWG Staff to get started in the right direction and programs.

Are you a Resource in your Community? Complete this survey here to share how you motivate and activate those around you on a consistent basis.

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