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It's only a Distraction.

.....And the week has been full of them. It's been a lot of activity happening in the communities where life matters, so I can't wait until WWG opens our project portals to the community members to connect with more pathways to success, so keep checking back for more. But check this segment out from Aug 22nd, and let us know the changes you see. Go to the WWG community and share the pathways where you see the opportunities around you.

Stay connected with WWG Weekly to stay up on ways to spot your opportunities, and even some can be found in the distractions that are around. Be creative and tune in to the information that grants are growing, and get your conversation started on how you want to work with grants.

Sidenote: Change Your Security.

Did it seem like everything updated this week? The computer, the phones, the tv's. Everything's on update time, so take this time to make sure your security features are update to date too. Make necessary updates to passwords where needed. As we prepared for 'Back to School' season, review security guidelines and measures with your family members, and come back to WWG on more readiness exercises.

Check out the grants available in the community and gather your crew so you can see

who's going to complete tasks toward your next goals.

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