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Grants: Gifting Accountability

Gifts are ways to show that care is present or to share thoughts of resolve toward a concern. In families and communities' gifts are given to show interests or care in another's needs and well-being and are often personal ways of non-verbal communication.

So, does it matter what gifts you give or what another gifts to you?

Do you communicate to those who want to gift you,

what you need and how to do?

Do you do this through sharing your hopes in hints, or sharing of ideas of thoughts?

Or would you go pick up just any ole thing because feedback is not really being sought?

And what happens when you don't get what you thought,

Do you share your fears?

Work with grants is about partnership and communications,

and we work to support you.

To have a space to write that down and form a plan to follow through.

And if you currently work with grants, we work to connect you

To a community that seeks to learn how to work with grants and grow a project or a few.

At Work With Grants Inc. (WWG) space is being created for our community to share their hopes and dreams and their plans and the successes that got them there.

WWG connects interests with concerns that help initiate and motivate growth.

But here we lay the ground, and help you write them down.

and capture ideas and activities that help develop you the most.

And we'll share with you a few ways to spot and show you how to get you there.

And turn opportunities into benefits that can be seen...

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