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Workforce Technology In 2023

Apr 20, 2023

WWG Admin

Parntership can be a science that some don't considered or think through when not in practice of identifying our own habits, but how often are you testing the water for the temperature before adding items in at a certain degree? Is that science or is it knowledge you were taught, well. A little of both, but often we forget over time that it was something that we once didn't know. It wasn't until someone showed us, or we learned for ourselves, and the cost of those lessons where taught by each, and then shown how to repeat, or try for a different success.

Well, partnership identification is something that WWG is big on and we look to work with the best partners to connect and help guide a supportive community that works with grants.

Work-Life Integration and Management | ADVANCE (

Each day there's a choice to be made about balancing habits with practices and desires. We have a habit to do things the way we want too, though we practice to prove that we're capable of meeting needs. But what if you find your desires different than what your doing? That may only mean you're human, but adding that to partnership may be risky and more work required that originally planned; And trying to find evidence of success with an unaccountable partner... Oftentimes, as individuals, our habits are to meet our own needs, and partners may need to meet their's, but that leaves the products and outcomes of the partnership very affected. As individuals we decide each day what we are going to do that day. That morning when we rise. That evening when we relax and, all the steps in between. Adding a partner with that has now become a dance between each other in communication and proving teamwork in partnership is a success. It can be a delicate process to excersise to prefection. Find the right resources with shared goals to help get goals to complete.

It Takes a Village

WWG finds it important to explore the little things that make us a community of concerns, but we also look to highlight the success and aim to share ways each other can work to help make it better. Some of our best suggestions are to understand your own habits and where your needs end. Once you understand who you are, learn where your reach begins. And reach out to WWG Resources to depend and fill in gaps and surround yourselves with what you need and share this space with your friends.

Learn more about self and partnership development and work with grants to explore the many areas of partnership can help rise you toward the next level.

Is The Utilization of Technology Being Left To The Elite?

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