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Work With Grants Keeps Track of Activities and Events for the Changing Seasons

Nov 3, 2023


Keeping track of changes is an ongoing process and Work With Grants Inc. is here to support our community in capturing what's important and ways to advance activities and habits to level up our community resources. When there's so much to keep track of its easy to get distracted or fall into the pitfalls and holes of working for success. WWG brings the abiltity to stay connected to grants and activities to get goals completed and connections that strectch across boards and boundaries.

Sign up to get updates on events and activities added to the WWG Events Calendar to share what opportunities you support in the community. Share next steps with community members and ways to prepare to bring together plans and start conversations with grants and the ability to grow in a direction that benefits not only indivudal goals, but support and encouragment to the community to be a huge win.

The WWG community calendar is accessible to all members of the WWG community and serves as a valuable tool for staying connected and informed about various events related to grants.

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