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The Commitment to Community

Jul 13, 2023

WWG Admin

Discussing what's going on in our community is something we all should focus in on, but with so much news on a constant overhaul it's hard to stay connected and remember the trends that have been shared on previous topics. Join WWG and stay connected to the trends as we capture what's being shared in the community, and as you share what's important to you. Share your thoughts on ways to make measured and effective change, and to repair damages that occurred in the history of time.

Read more on how Illinios is stepping ahead in the understanding of responsibilities and making sure their communities are set up to be made whole.

Black Residents Start To Receive Reparations in Illinois (

This is an ever evolving journey. Track along with the WWG community how reparations to the community is a win. How would you do things differently if reparations would be brought to your community? Share how you currently work to keep those harms from causing future damage?

Read what was written in the past years and share your view on what’s changed.


Private and religious groups are starting to pay reparations for slavery—but it’s nowhere near enough. | America Magazine


Is America Ready to Make Reparations? | The New Yorker

See What Students Are Sharing 

The Government Must Pay Reparations To Eligible African Americans - Students 4 Social Change (

Your thoughts count and make a difference. Share feedback, and bring your neighbors in to learn how community work opportunities that benefit the each other.

See What's Shared in the media on Reparations.

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