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Grants Make a Difference to Small Businesses Across DC

Aug 3, 2023

WWG Admin

When a grant awardee wins, the whole community does too!

Share more on how grants are changing the lives across america.

When you hear about a grantee's win, be sure to share it with the WWG Community.

If knowledge and access is power, than the WWG Community is making sure we are using ours to get engaged and grow our resources and talents.

So, share the wins and the WOW's that got you to that great big smile! Also, share the ways the community can get involved. When you make it a habit to encourage another to grow for the benefit of another, the cycle continues and then we'll start having more conversations filled with grants.

Owner of D.C.'s Spice Suite creates affordable spaces for Black businesses - The Washington Post

Spend your talents and your habits on making a difference to your neighbors and then you'll see the cycle of gifts grown with plans. When you see there is a need, think of grants and then proceed to to write them down.

Get started TODAY!

Find Out What Grants Has Done In Your Community & Get Activated!

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