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At WWG, we believe in the power of collaboration to create meaningful impact. 

Growing Success and Capturing What's Important

Grants are proven funding mechanisms that encourage growth and progress.

Work With Grants Inc. (WWG) is here to empower communities building toward success.   

To those who work with grants to provide solutions and fill the need, 

The WWG Community and resources are here to support and help you succeed.

Work With Grants Inc (WWG) is a grant’s consulting and resource management company that works with data to uncover and solve problems.  We seek ways to expand economic opportunities for our clients and members through investigating grant programs and other opportunities as well as provide tools of management that reveal measures toward success.  

Who doesn’t want to work with grants? 

Well, WWG wants to know…

Why WWG?

Data and Resource Management

We ensure that your data is stored, accessed, and maintained efficiently.


Grants are tools of growth that have an impact on communities. 

Work With Grants Inc. is here to:

on grant management programs and projects.

goals and support the resolution of concerns.

grant accomplishments and award winning projects.

checklists and templates to track tasks to complete.

in a community that works with grants.


Our programs are available 24 hours a day

We'll provide you with tools and resources along the way.  


You'll be able to access community surveys, connect and share feedback.  Invite your family friends in too, the more the merrier and better results that will come back. 

Image by Toa Heftiba

Spend some time at Work With Grants Virtual Office to see grant updates and opportunities daily. 

Be part of the excitement today!

Join our community for exclusive updates, valuable content, and special offers 

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