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Stay On Top: Find Grantees Awarded by the Office of Justice Programs

Jan 30, 2024

WWG Admin

Staying on top of programs available in the community is a way we look to keep our members connected to growth.  And letting them know that providing feedback to the programs also makes a difference in the work that the programs do and how Work With Grants Inc. supports our clients.  As we see from 2023 that keeping ideas to ourselves is not the way to grow in 2024, or beyond, stay with us throughout the year to find out the organizations that make a difference in the community’s you're in. 

Check out the cool Office of Justice Programs (OJP) Dashboard listing the grant award postings to date.  Share your feedback in the WWG Community on how useful you find it for locating awardees in your community.  


Best ways to stay on top of grant projects and programs are through good grant management practices and seeing where the practices are being put into place can be a reason to motivate us toward our goals, and include more grants. It also allows us the opportunity to connect with awardees of grants and find out the process they used that gave them a chance to grow.  

So Hey!  If you see that money was awarded to folks in your community, wouldn't you connect with them to see how easy, or hard the process can be?  

And share with them ways your solutions can support their progress.

Connect with them and simply ask, “How do you work with grants?” 

They're likely to be excited to share the stories that gave them the chance. 

Then invite them to a platform to share more progress gained with grants. 

And connect to groups that collaborate on growing more projects and progressive plans.

Programs and projects awarded grants in your community, from the Office of Justice Programs (OJP).

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