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Membership Makes a Difference

WWG Taskforce

The WWG Taskforce is important to the growth of the WWG Community and have the opportunity to provide input and expertise on moving forward on Specific WWG Projects.  Join the WWG through term assignments and access details before released to the WWG Community.  Access to the taskforce is reviewed and issued through invite.  Request access below to join the WWG Taskforce and be part of a growing community that works with grants. 

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About The WWG Taskforce

Participate in programs that assist in growth and Management.  Approval is required for each area of growth being addressed in the WWG Community.  Get in position to advise and guide a community of those interested to grow with grants.

Access Requirements below for enrollment

WWG TaskForce

Set Up and ready for tasks!? Check the project sheets below to access projects to join. 


Thanks for being part of the crew! 

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