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Community Leaders and Influencers

Everyone has a concern when it comes to their community.  Wheather its seeing improvements or making sure others have enough, we all have areas of interest that raises our vioces and sometimes our tempurature.  Connecting with others that share the same concerns allows us to sharpen our interests or grow in understanding of what it takes to make changes. 

We encourage our community members to stay active with Work With Grants to grow your interest with purpose and intent, and sharpening your abilities to activate your support of leaders and those who direct the changes throughout the community.

Connect to Groups in the Community to share topics and interest

Access Grants to plan projects for growth 

Review Tools that support projects 

and get involved!

Tired of just talking about the problems? Share your solutions here and take action to become a resource in your community. 

Each one is an influence on the next, and when we use our influence with purpose, we can grow to understand the consequence and responsiblies of life with partners.

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