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March Madness Grants the Winds of Change

Catch up on community conversations and strategies of growth that support resources, next steps to progress, and projects that activate creative tools.   

Enjoy the Update:

What else missed on the Work With Grants Public Strategy Call:

Closing out March leads us into April grants and a host of funders who have opened opportunities to have conversations with them: 

Oregon residents, put this on your calendar to move on some of your projects for April 2024.

Starting March 25 - April 5th Scheduled meeting bringing 2 weeks worth of funders that seek to support in more ways than just funds.

Share the lessons learned from your previous projects and put your experience to use in a community that cares.  Access portals and platforms to build your business and your community better.

Check out some grants coming open in April 2024:

Read more about the Fractured Atlas and their vision of sharing gifts and using tools of creativity to elevate ideas and make creative dreams a reality.  Read more about the tools and grants available for Artist’s in April 2024: Grant Opportunities for Artists (

Join us in the Work With Grants Collaboration Groups and share your progress on the projects and find resources to support next steps. 

Put it on you calendar Now!

Join the Work With Grants Public Strategy Call LIVE every Tuesday at 10 AM EST and spend an hour staying connected to the plans and strategies that progress effective habits and supportive steps to success. What Are you working on?💕❤️😊

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