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The Graduation of a Plan

Apr 21, 2023

WWG Admin

It may have been said that "if you fail to plan, you plan to fail", and that's true, to a point. But can also see that with time, whether it's planned or not sometimes things work out the way we hoped they would or should, but what happens when we don't plan and just leave it to see what happens? Well A lot ...

Planning is the difference of knowing what you are striving for and intentionally going after. With a plan you give yourself the light to explore in areas that you may be missing or need to fill in to complete your project. Giving yourself access to that knowledge can allow you to reveal areas of stress and add in options that assist in guides, tackling tasks advancing your plans to complete. There are many things that can be found before you start off on the path. Remember, walking into a dark room is riskier than walking into a room with the lights turned on, so join the WWG Community and turn the lights on in ways the community can plan in grants.

Congratulations on all the plans that progress to celebrations of graduation. It's the beginning of an amazing path. Share your success and track your progress and learn how to create your plans in grants. Read encouraging stories and how tracking whats important to us can make things happen in our lives.


What You Pay Attention to Can Turn Around and Pay What's Important to You

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