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Social Security Myths that Turn Legend

May 3, 2023

WWG Admin

The Challenges of Social Security have been present for a very long time, and seems to be a type of challenge that produces more myths and legends. So the question becomes, what activates our process to understand the long and confusing process of applying, collecting the benefits that you may qualify for, if the prospects of funding were coming to you? What is it worth to figure out and ensure funds are available for those that will need it in the future?

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Many folks view Social Security as a benefit that automatically becomes available at a certain age, but don't know the process and even the qualifications needed to collect.  In 2019, the US government spent approximately $1 trillion on Social Security benefits which included both retirement and disability benefits, while Maryland spent $12.1 billion on Social Security benefits; also both retirement and disability benefits however, Maryland's Social Security benefits are slightly different from the federal Social Security. Maryland has its own Supplemental Security Income program and offers additional benefits for those who receive Social Security Disability Insurance.

Ultimately, it can be challenging to determine whether Social Security’s troubles are due to politics or poor management and leadership.  On one hand, political gridlock has undoubtedly had an effect on the system’s ability to modernize and update itself. On the other hand, poor management and leadership may also be to blame for Social Security’s troubles. This is because the system has not been managed in a way that is effectively able to cope with the changing needs of the population.  The only way to ensure the future of Social Security is for all sides to come together and work towards meaningful reform, and they could use input from the WWG Community.

Important Note:

Maryland's Social Security system is affected by the Federal Social Security system. This is because the federal government sets the rules and regulations for the Social Security system, and Maryland must abide by these rules. Additionally, the federal government sets the tax rates for Social Security and provides funding for the system.

The question of whether or not Social Security’s troubles are due to politics or poor management and leadership is a difficult one.  Let's learn how to work together to come up with solutions for funding our retiring and disabled populations; now and for future generations.

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The Social Security Surplus of 2022 at risk in 2023

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