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Open Spaces To Chat About Grants

Mar 19, 2023

Sarah Jones

With the rapid advancement of techonlogy and the planning of what's to be released there is a quiet concern of where the future of the workforce is headed. Technology is often produced and designed to create access and open up areas that weren't once avaiable or thought of, but trends in the market share a connected concern that technology may not be reaching those who it was intended for. So question here is, are bottle necks being created to slow down the workforce, or to advance the workforce? And what does the advancement of technology look like in your offices today?

Are the advancements to benefit employers; who spend huge budgets on creating and advancing solutions in the workplace, or do we find that the workplace communitites are solving concerns of micro-management practices that keep workers closer to desks?

Find out how your resources are working for you.

Can technology be used to advance the community as a whole or are we left to ask the few who have access to resources, to graciously give to those in need?

Work With Grants Inc. aims to track and explore.

We look for ways to share ideas and get thoughts out onto the floor.

We work to create spaces to discuss grants

but we know there's so much more.

If we open our minds and write it in a plan

then there's proof in a chance, to grow a community that uses more gifts with grants.

Find the Gems All Around

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