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Fireworks for Independence

Jun 30, 2023

WWG Admin

Who's your Favorite Group?

Hearing certain types of music may cause your body to come alive.

When you hear the rhythm and tune into the vibe.

So, how's the music effected your life? 50 years of Hip Hop by NPR.

Share your thoughts with the WWG Community and connect your interests to the spot, where chances to grow in grants are found, with ways to use your talents all around.

Join the WWG Community

In a recent release Billboard Music released the 50 Best Rap Groups: Hip-Hop’s All Time Best – Billboard. See where your favorite groups landed on the list and if you agree with the order that Billboard shared. Which ones would you switch up? Create your own list of the greatest 25 - 50 and share with the WWG community why you feel that way. Everyone has an opinion, make it your business to share it effectively.

Sharing thoughts and taking action to make things better for each other keeps those engaged, and music is a huge part of our culture in America. It is rooted with the youthfulness and carried with us throughout our lives. When you hear a tune that's pleasent to you and you haven't heard it in a long time, what's the sensation that comes across you? Do you want to turn it up and tune in to the words, the melody, the harmonies and the keys? Share how music has influenced your life. Do you find that life imitates art, or art is the imitation of life? Complete this feedback survey and share your thoughts on what's real and what's not. WWG wants to know what's real to you.

Access WWG Checklist to help track what's important to you.

Places to see Fireworks in the Maryland Area this Weekend!

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