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Do You Share Your Agenda?

Aug 25, 2023

WWG Admin

Folks want to know what you think, what you need, as well as organizations and community leaders. Knowing what community members needs helps assess where funding and money should go for future planning, and some organizations want to know what services and solutions can be improved or provided. Through surveys organizations gain valuable feedback and this is a good opportunity for the community to share concerns and needs by completing and sharing feedback on experiences. When you share your experience there are lessons that others can learn, and as you share reliable information and details, you become a resource to those who connected with. It's hard to get feedback from everyone, so there is a benefit even if a few can respond to share feedback. of course, the more the merrier, but the information shared can support improvements for future experiences; so share as much as possible for the benefit of your community, but don't do it all by yourself. Grab your crew and a plan.

We look to keep our members up to date on opportunities available to provide feedback toward shaping plans for the future. Community members are encouraged to activiate power's through providing feedback to another. As we excersise our opportunities to share, put your practice into habits and add thoughts toward partnership and take a look at the grants avaiable to the community.

Knowing who wants to know, and wants to get involved is a project that the Black Futures Lab is taking on for the representation of African Americans in America. Launched in 2018, 'The Black Census Project' engages with community members found to be statistically under represented in policy making activities. Once the Black Census closes in October, Black Futures Lab will use the survey to design and release the Black Agenda early 2024.

Largest-Ever Survey of Black People in the U.S. Announces Nearly 130,000 People Reached (

WWG brings you updates on information that effect the opportunities available to the community. We encourage participation in areas where need is present and to gather a team to help with the responsiblilties of completion.

Check out tools available by WWG useful in tracking your activiated habits.

The Black Census Project Survey is open for respondents. Will You Participate?

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