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WWG Survey's and Feedback Polls

Feedback Gives Power

A space for discussions in grants, but words don't do it alone. Let's start projects with grants in mind, and we'll start you off with a little help.  Sharing feedback can be a good way to share plans to solve a concern.  Share your thoughts with the WWG Community, and know you're not in it alone.  It's important to exercise your opportunity to solve your needs. Starting with grants is the right place indeed.  It can help you confidently handle issues that you know and you see.  Type your concerns, your efforts, your lists, your gripes.  Make sure you come back often and complete feedback or two.  The more the website grows with your input the more the WWG team can do.

Nourish your community and answer quick questions that spark growth. 

WWG Mission

Through activation of interests, WWG works to support responsible, accountable and sustainable economic activity for the purpose of a strong  community. 


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